In OneStreaming we understand that in today's economy a "green" company is a successful company.

Climate change is a global challenge that is already affecting all natural ecosystems, the flora and fauna of our planet.
Eco Services

At OneStreaming we understand the need for compliance with environmentally responsible measures and practices and so, for the first time, we are launching a complete range of ecological and economic streaming services..


Eco Server
The eco servers we are using are made of hardware that optimizes power consumption by more than 50%, yet they are able to achieve performance comparable to that of standard equipment, while at the same time they lower their carbon dioxide emissions by 700kg per year. Our equipment is fully compatible with the EU RoHS standard.



Green Energy
An important percentage of the electricity we consume, not only for our Eco servers, but for the conventional ones as well, comes from renewable energy sources. The consumption of electrical power plays a big role in increasing the emission of GHG (greenhouse gases - CH4, N2O, CO2), which are responsible for the climate change. In fact, according to the International Science Grid, companies are the fifth largest consumer of electricity worldwide!



Operating System
The software we use is also ecology friendly. Our Eco servers run on Red Hat Linux 5.2, which offers an even more environmental friendly power management.


It is very important for all of us to take responsibility towards the enviroment and try to make smarter and wiser choices regarding the energy we consume, where that is possible.

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