9 Reasons
You need more than just good streaming

  1. The majority chooses us

    OneStreaming is the Number 1 customers' choice in Greece with a steady monthly increase rate.. Read more »
  2. We are affordable

    If you really take into account all the services we offer, then you can undeniably see that you get the best value at the best price. Because even "cheap" streaming has a cost - don't fall for that. Read more »
  3. We answer the phone

    We are real people and we offer real customer care. Friendly and immediately. We are expecting you daily 10-6 to answer any question you may have. Read more »
  4. We never close

    We are not bystanders. Guaranteed Uptime 99% for everyone at no extra charge. We don't leave our customers hanging. We are always here and, even when something goes wrong, as can happen to any complex system, we respond at once and we do our best to provide an immediate solution. Read more »
  5. Eco: Green, economic solutions

    The ecological and economic services that OneStreaming offers consist of fully self-managed Shoutcast and Icecast servers of excellent stability. Being environment friendly, our servers use energy produced by renewable sources, operate on low power consumption and keep their carbon emissions low. Read more »
  6. Quality counts

    Privately owned 8Gbit dedicated peerings of high availability, special for streaming services. Read more »
  7. Experience since 2000 with Microsoft's Certification

    Back in 2000 we were the first ones in Greece to use NetShow services, ancestor of Microsoft's Windows Media, and in 2004 we were the first to acquire the Windows Media Service Provider certification. Read more »
  8. Innovation.

    We're the first to try everything new in the streaming media world and we create stable, simple and affordable services. If something is worth knowing about, you will definitely hear it from us first. Read more »
  9. Real Statistics

    Only at OneStreaming you are able to monitor how many users are connected to your Windows Media stream and where they come from. Furthermore, our Eco platform offers you detailed professional statistics reports for each day, week, month, etc. Read more »


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