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Pay per view

OneStreaming was the first company to bring the idea of Pay Per View to the streaming circles, by internationally broadcasting sports events. Since then lots have changed, like for example the broadcasting quality, which now reaches the full 1080p HD, but also the need for mobile phone and portable devices support.

Global Delivery Network - Content Delivery Network Global Delivery Network

The network of OneStreaming is the basis of all our services. It consists of efficient and ecological servers that are connected to the largest Tier-1 networks that are established at strategic points.

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Safe delivery

Hot-linking, protected content piracy and unauthorised access to content are all a very common nightmare to broadcasters.

At OneStreaming we are able to provide you with a simple and efficient method of safe streaming, without the high cost of DRM solutions, but with the same amount of safety.

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Mobile streaming

With our OneStreaming services you are able to succesfully broadcast and be heard through the most popular platforms, like the iPhone, Windows phones, Blackberries and Android phones.

Using the innovative Smooth Streaming technology you can have immediate access to almost every portable device, broadcasting in high quality, adjusted to the capacities of the respective network and of the device.

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Geo Control

With the GeoControl service we can solve the problem of many broadcasters who want to limit the access to their content only to users from specific countries or regions.

This service is very useful when it comes to broadcasting sports events or special events. It can also be applied to On-Demand content.

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Your image in High Definition

Whether you're interested in broadcasting a live or a pre-recorded event, OneStreaming is able to support streaming in HD (720p/1080p) and SD. Start now from 540kbps up to 4Mbit so that you can achieve the best possible result.

We support advanced formats like H.264 and MPEG-3 and we also offer the ISS7 Smooth Streaming technology for full HD 1080p delivery.

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Professional Statistics: Get to know your Audience

Our statistics are designed so that they provide you with all the useful information about your station, so that you can understand your listeners' needs and adapt to them.

You are able to know the number of your users, as well as interesting data like their geographical location, their listening time etc, all in real time. You can additionally enjoy cumulative statistics by day, week etc, for the whole period of your activity.

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Help from your Friends

There is no need to have any former experience in the streaming media field. At OneStreaming you will be provided with free support so that you can start off successfully.
Our extensive Knowledge Base and our Live Chat service are included in every account. Tehre you will find detailed, simple and comprehensible information, useful tips and step by step guidance for anything you need.

Our services provide you with the maximum server self-management available! On top of that, our experienced technicians are here to help you with every question that you may have, or any problem that may turn up.

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Contact us to answer any additional questions you may have Contact us to answer any additional questions you may have
regarding the online broadcast of your channel.

Windows Media Streaming Smooth Streaming

Application fields:
  • Sports events
  • Conventions
  • Miscellaneous events
  • TV channels
  • Educational seminars
  • E-Health

All our packages include:
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Realtime Statistics
  • Control Panel
  • Unlimited data transfer or unlimited users
  • Reliability: 99% availability
  • Cluster architecture
  • A-CLASS quality lines, special for streaming
  • Free Installation - Activation
  • Online Support